Ultra Pure Spotless Water

We are now using ultra pure spotless water in all aspects of our work from rinsing to washing your vehicle(s). We are committed to looking after our customers and their vehicle(s) which is why we always opt for the best products, service and equipment for our customers.

What does this mean for your vehicle(s)?

This means your vehicle(s) wont have any water spots as the water is filtered and purified. (even in direct sunlight).

Reduced contact with your vehicle(s), reducing any risks of marring.

No harsh chemicals in the water.

Any dirt trapped in water wont dry back onto the car

All of the above enhances the overall clean and finish of your vehicle(s).

No Chance Of Watermarks In The Sun

The great thing about purified water is that it will never dry on your cars paintwork. The water beads off the paintwork as you are washing making it impossible for you to leave water marks on the car. This is a revolutionary concept in car washing as previously car washes and mobile car valeters/detailers would have to battle hard with the sun to ensure they do not damage the cars paintwork. Now, you can take your sweet time while washing your pride and joy in the full knowledge that it won't dry horribly onto the paintwork, potentially doing permanent damage.

No Harsh Chemicals In The Water

Sometimes hard water can be so full of chemicals that it can actually damage your car. While this is rare, it is true that washing your car with regular water speeds up the process of removing waxes and sealants. Purified water, on the other hand, has had those corrosive elements removed ensuring that your water is in no way abrasive or corrosive to the clear coat or to applied protectants.

No need to dry your car

Going back slightly to the beginning, you cannot watermark your car. There will be dots of purified water which lingers onto the car, but this will never dry onto the paintwork so unless you are applying a wax there is no need to dry it. Not having to dry your car after a wash saves almost half the time spent actually cleaning your car. Previously you would have had to remove all of the water as it may have dried onto the paintwork, or that water could have dirt inside which would dry back on the car with the water leaving a flawed finish.

Dirt Trapped In Water Won't Dry Back Onto The Car

Because the water now beads, anything trapped inside that water also beads with it. That means that the dirt trapped inside the water will now come off the car with the water rather than drying on it. This makes washing the car a lot safer because there is a chance that dirt trapped in the water which dries onto the car could scratch it when you come to dry it with a microfiber towel. Result!

Wash And Wax Soap Also Becomes Purified

Car soap which has been mixed with the purified water will also not dry onto your vehicle. Much like the dirt, soap gets trapped into the water making it just as hydrophobic as the purified water. This means that there is no chance of streaking or staining your vehicle with wash and wax soap. The only drawback to this is that the wax in the soap is less effective. In all honesty, though, the wax in soap is more of a drying agent anyway as opposed to a genuine layer of wax. Whether or not you use wash and wax soap, you will still need to apply a hand wax so there is no real difference.

Cleaning the wheels is a lot easier

Half of the battle cleaning dirty wheels is rinsing the dirt off before it dries. Sometimes a jet wash isn't enough and you need to use some good old fashioned elbow grease, wheel cleaner and a wheel cleaning brush. With normal water, when cleaning wheels by hand you will notice that you spread the dirt from one part of the wheel to another and it takes ages to remove it. With purified water, the dirt lifts off and drips off the wheels thanks to the hydrophobic qualities of purified water. The water acts as a rinsing aid, completely removing the dirt which has been lifted from the wheels. Again, once the dirt has been lifted there is no chance of it drying onto the wheels again.