About Us


At Auto-Prestige Valeting we provide and deliver a bespoke mobile car valeting and detailing service within 30 miles of Leeds. Whether you need an outside wash to a full 4-6 hour detail and everything in-between. We are specialists in car valeting and car detailing. We can assure you all our services will surpass your expectations. We go the extra mile each and every time to make your vehicle look its best by using the latest products, techniques and have more than 10 years of pride, passion, the love for cars, and the experience in valeting and detailing cars. As a mobile valeting and detailing company, Auto-Prestige Valeting brings a wide range of car care services to your home or place of work. All our valets and details can be tailored for your requirements. All vehicles are catered for, ranging from your family vehicle to exotic supercars and classic cars. For a full comprehensive list of our valeting and detailing services or pricing please give us a CALL or EMAIL and we will be happy to help. Alternatively you can check out our SERVICES & PRICES page. 

We cover a 30 mile radius of Leeds, supply all the water and electricity required and we always use the best products on the market. More importantly we have more than 10 years experience in car valeting and detailing and are highly respected in our field for our unrivaled level of service.

As you would expect from a premier company we are fully insured to move your car should the need arise and are fully covered for public liability. Our prices reflect the superb service that we offer in the Leeds and surrounding areas, be it maintenance valets or detailing. We do not allot a time slot to your vehicle, we will simply work our magic on your car so it looks it's best for the service you have booked. All valets and details at Auto-Prestige Valeting are to our highest standard each and every time. If you choose Auto-Prestige Valeting for your car care needs you won't be disappointed. We also accept credit / debit cards via chip and pin machine.

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Areas We Cover

We generally cover a 30 mile radius from our office postal code which is LS12 6LN. However we have worked in the highlighted areas on the map which is shown on the right. If your location falls within the highlighted area and you wish to book a valet please get in touch with us as we can help you. (please note certain areas highlighted may only be eligible for our diamond valet and above due to travel times and fuel costs please get in touch for more details and an individual quotation).

Why Choose Us?

  • Free quotes, so you know what you are paying for.
  • Competitive rates so you get the best value for money.
  • Mobile valeting service at your home or place of work.
  • Highly skilled, experienced valets.
  • Fast, efficient and friendly service.
  • Reliable.
  • Fully insured to move your vehicle, should the need arise.
  • Also insured for public liability.

Payment Methods

We are able to accept cash, bank transfer or card payments wherever the location of your valet.

We have on board both our vans our mobile card terminals meaning we are able to take major credit/debit cards for payment wherever the location. At Auto-Prestige Valeting, we understand not everyone carries cash and by offering a variety of payment options we aim to make paying for our services simple and stress free.